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Make Sure Your Know the Basics of SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, San Diego businesses want to go back to square one and utilize the basics. These methods have been relevant for as long as search engines have used algorithms to determine website rankings. This means that they work and that they are relatively easy to implement. No matter how long you have been using SEO for your website, it never hurts to look back at the basics so that you do not forget about them.

What Do the Search Engines Want to See?

When you are building your SEO strategy, you want to know what the search engines want so that you can do everything possible to ensure a higher ranking. First and foremost, they want to see content that is high in quality. Your title needs to be relevant, your text well organized and mistakes kept to a minimum. Authority is also imperative. Use strong references and show where facts and statistics come from.

How fast your site performs is also important. If it moves slowly and has frequent lagging, this can lower your search engine ranking. This plays into the user experience. Another element of this experience is making sure that your site is safe and that it is easy to navigate.

Elements That Search Engines Do Not Want to See

Now that you know what they want, you need to know what can cause search engines to downgrade your ranking. The biggest SEO sin that you can commit is keyword stuffing. Your density should not exceed three percent. The user experience needs to be strong or else your ranking could be lower. Another thing they never want to see is purchased links.

You can see that the basics of search engine optimization in San Diego are definitely something all companies want to consider. It is important that you know what these are, how to use them and that you are putting them into practice with all of your content.

Your Keywords

You want to start with keyword research so that you know that the ones that you are using are going to attract traffic. Make sure to place these properly and never overuse them. Ideally, your primary keyword needs to go in your title, meta data, general description and your first paragraph for starters.

Do Not Forget Meta Data

When people first start working on a website, they often neglect the meta data and this is a big mistake. You want to fill these out and make sure that your meta descriptions and title tags are playing into your overall SEO efforts. Utilize your keywords and ensure that the description is unique.