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Making a Better B2B Website

If you ever tried to enter the world of web design for your San Diego office, you have probably already realized that there is a lot of work that goes into making an effective website. However, if you have not tried making a website for the sole purpose of functioning as a business to business site, then you should know before going in that it is a totally different world. There are different objectives that need to be accomplished, and different best practices for smart designing of the site. To that end, here are a few tips to make your B2B website the best it can be.

Give a Clear Roadmap

One of the main goals of this type of website is to generate leads, and one of the best ways to do that is to make the user feel like they know exactly where they are at all times. Give these users a clear indication of where they are and where they have been on your website by using breadcrumb navigation so that they can easily go back to some other page on the trail if they need to. Make sure all page headers are a match to the links that brought the user there. Highlight clicked options in menus to serve as another breadcrumb navigation within a menu so that the user knows where they are within it. Finally, show progress bars for all tasks that take time to load so that it can be shown how much longer the wait is and whether there is a problem along the way.

Reflect the “Real World”

Nobody likes to sort through a bunch of jargon, even if they live and work in a very specific business world. Therefore, make sure that the language and concepts used on your website and its interface is as familiar as possible to everyone as possible. Any information presented should be as clear and free of jargon as it can be so that it is accessible to even the most uninitiated. Your buyers should feel comfortable, and reflecting real-world labels and terms is one of the best ways to create that feeling.

Head Off Errors Before They Begin

No buyer wants to use a website that makes it easy to commit errors, so part of your web development strategy for your B2B San Diego site should be to carefully implement forms and pages that make it is as easy as possible to do things the correct way. For example, lay out all form labels and examples outside of the text fields, such as “Email (username@website.com),” instead of putting the example inside the text field so that it disappears as soon as the field is active. Seeing the format they are supposed to put information in will make it a lot harder for buyers to cause an error due to incorrect information being entered.

These three tips are a great starting point for smart B2B web design.