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Stats Spotlight - Joe Gigliotti


Joe Gigliotti

What do you do for Stats?

Official title: Digital Analytics Manager
Functional title: Manager of the DSE team

Years in the industry

Somewhere between not enough and too many.
About four years in the advertising industry and about eight working with, on, or for websites (driving traffic and improving the user experience).

Last job prior to joining Stats/CalTimes

Digital Analyst (intern) for the SAN DIEGO Chargers

Where did you grow-up?

Jamestown, North Cackalacky (Carolina)

Pet name

Bodie (dog)

Favorite hobby/pastime

Reading and drinking beers on the beach


Where you do see digital advertising going in the next 18 months?

I see CTV and mobile video advertising taking more budget away from traditional TV buys due to the level of tracking that can be applied to the audience who views the ads.
I also see a shift away from behavioral targeting and toward content targeting as new user privacy laws are adopted.
I would like to see more of our advertisers investing in website development and SEO because it doesn’t matter how much advertising you do if people cannot find your site organically or complete actions on the site due to a poor user experience.

Area of digital advertising that most excites you

The changes that are likely coming due to more privacy protection laws. We have become spoiled with the seemingly limitless behavioral targeting – it will be interesting to see how we and advertisers react and adapt to these changes.

Most successful digital advertising pitch

I am not a part of a ton of them, but our pitch to Dixieline stands out to me. We pitched them a comprehensive plan to be their agency of record and our presentation went extremely well. Completely closing this deal is still a work in progress but we have run multiple campaigns with them and continue to educate the client on the digital landscape.

What is the one thing you have learned about digital advertising that you want everyone to know?

I am a sucker for interesting creatives. I think that is the most underrated and least talked about aspect of a campaign. It does not matter the amount of targeting you apply, the quality of a creative will make or break a campaign.

How do you describe your what you do for a living to your friends and family?

My team and I make sure digital advertising campaigns are set up and running correctly. We run all types of advertising campaigns and set up tracking to see how successful the campaign is.
Follow up question I get the most (nearly every time): do companies like yours and Facebook and Google listen to my conversations, because I swear, anytime I say a product’s name I immediately see ads for it. Answer: maybe 😉

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Can’t see the forest while looking at a single tree – remember that while the sky might be falling on one aspect of one campaign (or one part of the business), that doesn’t mean the sky is falling on all aspects of all campaigns (or the business).