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Stats Spotlight - Victoria Collins


Victoria Collins

What do you do for Stats?

Digital Sales Manager

Years in the industry

Seven years

Where did you grow-up?

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky (look on the back of your Four Roses bottle and that’s where I’m from)

Pet name

Grizwald, Wiskey and Gigi

Favorite hobby/pastime

Dancing, mixed media art creation, writing short stories and books.


Where you do see digital advertising going in the next 18 months?

Video views will continue to rise. The need for effective and affordable video will rise with those views.
I would like to see more of our advertisers investing in website development and SEO because it doesn’t matter how much advertising you do if people cannot find your site organically or complete actions on the site due to a poor user experience.

Area of digital advertising that most excites you

Campaign creation, ROI calculation and attribution models.

Most successful digital advertising pitch

PAC 12- This was the most fun account I have worked on during my career. I handled marketing for their tournaments, season games, app and streaming services.

What is the one thing you have learned about digital advertising that you want everyone to know?

The more accounts you run, the greater your knowledge will grow around digital advertising.

How do you describe your what you do for a living to your friends and family?

I sell all the stuff they provide at Google or Facebook when you search for something online.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

In work conversations, give less color and more facts.