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Video Marketing Tips That Can Transform Your Business

Video is quickly proving to be a dynamic and winning solution to marketing campaigns. It allows the business to share content in a fresh way that customers can get behind. Many studies are showing higher levels of engagement and consumer metrics when video marketing is utilized.

As with any medium, there are many ways to be creative and successful and equally as many ways to misuse it. Here are some tips for making video marketing work for you.

It’s All about the Story

Think of video marketing as an opportunity to tell a story rather than sell a thing. Share customer experiences, product inspirations, and whatever else you can think of that provides value to your customers and feeds a customer’s needs and wants.

10 Seconds That Pack a Punch

Some studies indicate that about 20% of viewers tune out (or turn off) after 10 seconds—so make it count. Let the viewer know who you are and why they should be watching this video, or ask a question that hooks the viewer’s attention.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Lively

No one wants to watch a yawn-worthy, boring video. Make something interesting that viewers will feel they can’t miss out on. Try something funny, inspirational, or exciting.

SEO Friendly

Google loves video content, so when you post videos, keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. You’ll want to include a quality written description backed by tagged keywords, which will help out your SEO.

Set the Mood with Music

Music can transform an ordinary video into something powerful. Find the right music to fit the mood and tone, adding another layer of emotion.

Focus on People

Humans are emotionally driven, and marketing proves to be no exception. Focus on people, and faces in particular, to push your audience into making a connection. Psychological studies have shown that people tend to mirror the emotions and behaviors they are positively engaged with.

Don’t Forget a Call to Action

At the end of your video, there should always be something for the viewer to interact with, be it a link, a subscription form, etc. However, now is not the time to be pushy.

Write an Engaging Title

You’ve heard this rule with written content, and the same applies for video—you need a captivating title to draw the viewer in.

Nobody’s Perfect

And more than likely, your video isn’t going to be, either. Focus on your story and spend some time on production, but don’t do 50 takes to get it “just right”.

If you want your San Diego company to diversify its digital marketing tactics, video marketing should be top on the list. It promises great returns and is a great format for sharing your company’s story with your customers.