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What Makes B2B SEO Different?

Any person or business that has created a website or looked into making their web presence more noticeable has undoubtedly learned about search engine optimization. SEO, as it is most commonly referred to, helps San Diego websites improve their ranking in the Google search engine so that when certain terms are searched for, their website comes up. Some do not think that search engine optimization is relevant in the business to business world, but that’s simply not true. One study showed that 61% of potential buyers began the process of making a decision by searching the internet. As you may have guessed, search engine optimization is a little bit different in the B2B realm, but how?

For starters, search engine optimization for a B2B is not simply about increasing search rankings. The goal for this in B2B is twofold: create and maintain organic traffic, and create meaningful content for prospective buyers. There are many businesses that fail to accomplish the second part, and therefore lose out on many more buyers then they would if they followed through on both parts.

For example, imagine that a buyer searches for a term relevant to your industry or business, and your site is on the first page of Google results. If they go to your website and see nothing but what looks like a copy and paste Wikipedia article with keywords in all the “right” places, this will not retain their traffic, and they will quickly back out and go elsewhere. However, if that same search result links to an article from your company that is relevant to the term or industry that the buyer is interested in, they will stick around, read the content, and come away with an impression that you are knowledgeable and worth doing business with. Word will spread as they potentially make your company known by word of mouth, or even by sharing the article on social media, which will drive organic traffic to your website, increasing the likelihood of even more business.

Of course, if you choose an SEO company in San Diego or elsewhere to handle your content for you, make sure that they understand the nuances of what B2B requires from search engine optimization. They should almost treat building the search engine optimization strategy not as consultants, but as journalists, creating content that is meaningful rather than robotic. Buyers will be able to tell if a website is just planting keywords to boost their search rankings, but well-written content will draw them in without them necessarily realizing it.

This approach to SEO will help your business reach other businesses in a manner that is as organic as possible and that will build on itself if you keep the two-fold strategy in mind.